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Flyer Distribution


eFlyer Guidelines

Chief Leschi Schools Protocol for E-Flyer Approval

The following guidelines must be met for flyers to be considered for digital distribution:

  • Please note, each flyer will have the following disclaiming added to every flyer: This program is not sponsored by Chief Leschi Schools. Approval to distribute flyers is a community service and does not imply endorsement.
  • Support Chief Leschi Schools Mission and Vision statements, be of intrinsic value or enrichment nature to the students or their parents/guardians, and/or benefiting to the community of Chief Leschi Schools in a positive manner.
  • Must be age and/or developmentally appropriate for our students.
  • Contain the name and contact information of the sponsoring organization, but should not contain advertising logos or promotions for any business/organization other than the approved entity.
  • No fundraising flyers are allowed from groups outside the school.
  • Be in PDF format and smaller than 3 MB in file size.
  • Not directly conflict with Chief Leschi Schools programs.
  • Have approval from our facilities department (if using Chief Leschi Schools facilities) prior to posting and distributing the flyer to our community. • Originate from a non-profit organization.


Chief Leschi Schools will not approve flyers that contain the following:


  • Are lewd, slanderous, or libelous.
  • Incite students to commit unlawful acts, violate school rules, or disrupt the orderly operation of our schools.
  • Position our schools on any side of a controversial issue or prevent our schools to not maintain a neutrality on any political or religious issue or would create an appearance of favoritism on said issues.
  • Discriminate against, attack, or denigrate any group on account of gender, race, age, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, or other unlawful consideration.